Sheila's Guide to Zanskar, Ladakh

Shaggy yaks with fluffy, mountain peaks covered with snow...stunning glaciers...isolated valleys filled with shepherds... The breathtaking and extremely remote Zanskar Valley in Ladakh can only be reached by road or on foot. Cut off from the world for more than eight months a year by the Penzi La Pass at an altitude of 4,450 meters/14,600 feet, very few travelers make the effort to visit this former Tibetan Kingdom. Let Travels With Sheila teach you how to Travel the World on a Budget, share exotic locations with you, and most importantly, ease your fears about languages, currencies, personal safety and staying healthy. Now, Travels With Sheila tells it like it is with personalized, up-to-date information and photographs. What you need to make the most of your trip. HERE’S SOME OF THE INFORMATION YOU’LL FIND INSIDE... - How to visit Zanskar. - The Dos and Don’ts of Trekking. - What Trek to Take - What to See in Zanskar. Attend the colorful Karsha Gu-Stor Festival. See untouched monasteries dating from the 12th century. Get your copy of Sheila’s Guide to Zanskar and be one of the 4,000 Westerners who venture into exciting Zanskar each year

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